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Primordial Sound Meditation Student Testimonials 


If you were to ask me what was the most important experience of my life, I would say it was learning to meditate. For me that is the most important thing a person can do to restore harmony and evolve to a higher state of consciousness.

-Deepak Chopra

I had no idea how powerful meditation is!
I look forward to seeingit unfold in our life.
I am totally committed to meditating twice a day
every day from now on.

Maggie Chambers,
Reiki Master

Through the practice of meditation, I am more
aware of myself and my work, more sure of my
purpose and direction. The simplicity and
depth of this technique make Primordial Sound
Meditation an invaluable part of my journey to
self discovery.

Jacqueline Quesnel,

When I was meditating for the first time, it was
a little boring except for the time when I was
flying through the clouds.

Melissa Gambino,
9 years old